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    1:) Trump/Russia:

    2:) Trevor Ruthenberg

    3:) Uncertainty Tropic Reflective (Parliament, PM change topic)

    4:) Brett Kavanaugh (probable senate outcome)

    5:) Kim and Trump

    1:) Trump/Russia:

    Diplomacy Is about making leeway to maintain a relationship if you put issues to the side for acceptance you will form a better relationship and in the long run. Communication is key to solving problems or understanding another view. You can still discuss issues, but Russia is not at a level of killing their citizens, they are not in civil war, there is a need to maintain ties regardless of Crimea and other actions. Being cordial when you do not believe or accept the circumstances of perhaps a seen enemy is'; to have a base to build on. Surely being friendly is better than accusations flying back and forth elevating an already tense situation. Putin is humane enough really in his stature/morals (yes, still humane and rationalizes) There are much worse leaders out there where negotiation should not be so.

    2:) Trevor Ruthenberg sorry for wrongly claiming war service medal

    Was this really a mistake?

    In public thoughts: he perhaps back '6' years ago had a plan to heighten his situation for some reason, so purposefully stated the wrong medal, to recur back on itself 'he served his time in military' — a perceptional view on him secondly that he still served — why would you do this? perhaps be it, sins had committed that he wanted to 'distract' from; by reaching a public height - a calculation that the media would reflect/ on itself into his apology and furthering being made a mistake, though this was years ago.

    Perhaps he knew about this 6 years ago and decided to keep it quiet because knew it was wrong and did not want to land in the dumps so to speak, something that flew to back of mind why natural with composure on this speaking.

    He seems sincere in his apology though — overly outspoken, though — and moves back and forth often. But he seems legit, perhaps an honest mistake. How you could mix up medals that you receive like thisyou would think amongst the military listings' it would be common knowledge. 

    Not sure on this one - he holds his stance too well to be lying really, but it could be years of innocent of formation in play and speaking forwardly on purpose.

    Seems legit from the video so on this story we are giving the benefit of doubt - 

    Watch the video here and speculate for yourself:

    3:) Parliament
    Each dream parallax - uncertainty [tripic-nervity] (fear of, non-cognitive reversion) tropic reflective/reflective opposing dual phasics - forwarding -  everything becomes expressed with height. Insightfulness repeat amplificant, mindset on a new leader (media height, globic-sensitivity) expectant - cognition bio-steps, dualascy/duality/multiplicity, sleep-platoformic-vibrancy[echtome]

    4:) Brett Kavanaugh (probable senate outcome)

    Voting towards Brett Kavanaugh; plausibility is to not judge based on sexual crime, as a result, this tends to land on voting for - to not judge lands on the parallel on voting for. (end position, alleviating [amplificate/extend] from guilt to not found guilty so far, legality perspective) 

    Some of the minority is 'complete of against' based on the fact they think he is guilty (very few would be left against; based on a perception of sexual guilt being minimised from the outcome of proceedings-)

    A majority tends to vote based on justice/senate principals of him not being 'totally' convicted or guilty, so they vote for him as a result(standing) because they think perhaps not innocent, 'but not proven guilty' ('to be parliamentary fair'; 'in thoughts, legitamacy) end result.

    5:) Kim and Trump 
    Update: After all the pleasantries and niceties Kim perhaps thought the relationship was on a level where he could barter for release of sanctions, now it seems all the spoken words with Trump raising Kim may have gone backwards, but Trump did right thing putting aside differences and showing respect regardless of how North Korea is. 

    Kim thought he would stand a chance at relieving all sanctions perhaps not helped by these exact niceties, and Kim probably when denied complete lifting of sanctions reversed his decision (anger/resolve) on summit diplomacy (the US power, opposing) 

    For Kim, An impacting thought reversion when realised was not going to get rid of the sanctions and seen little meaning to the summit continuing. 

    'Trump stated it was a friendly walk away'


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