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Heavy Calculating in Ukraine. War From Start is War Continued. - | Australian News and Analysis Heavy Calculating in Ukraine. War From Start is War Continued. - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Friday 14 October 2022

    Heavy Calculating in Ukraine. War From Start is War Continued.

    Updated War picture 20/1/23

    Update: Ukraine is holding - but its first forces - Russian learns mistakes - wondering who with west support - a dangerous situation with nuclear escalation - but yeh - let's hope these sides negotiate - Russia won the election I don't know about that - times are tough everyone isis is striking - dissatisfaction - but who would admit it. No need for violence though. I actually don't mind Putin - Humanely lol but his war is his own :) 

    Update: War Map:


    Russia is calculating press momentary ahead of time. Forces are not being over-run and they seem to be moving back when; they are much more powerful and directing. [Putin attempts to not make war severe as it could be, history] 
    Stepping stones of press releases; at moment Ukraine is suceeding -Russian forces are being pushed back;thought-prescipt of when Russia moves forward' again it will normalise public thought again. Suddenly attack is normalised; degrees of calculating on outside media. 

    Plausibility: Putin seemed to attack in a phase of dissaray, tropic of uncertainty maybe; now has no choice [from start] but to continue the war. What options are there for this war being a mistake/re-thought? none. He will cause riots and untrust and confliction with citizens, his life may even be at risk. 



    *Ukrainians are holding up, but honestly Russian power is above what the west can solve with their assistance most likely. -the request for 100 Jet Fighters is just not going to happen (their solution to the west not providing a no-fly-zone, asking for 'materials' which have so far been somewhat approved) The Ukrainian president Zelenskyy seems in despair about requests, they can see normalisation in the news has made people not 'alerting/sensitive' to the actual of battle/death -a flare for dramatic by the president, but people see he is asking for too much when it is 'yes against a major power' -a certain 'film of insensitivity' lies towards Ukraine, how far can the west help without angering a sleeping nuclear dragon'. Perspective over time seems to desensitise.  

    The news is alive with acceptance, the plots the twists with a keen ear, we toil in the trouble. (alerting/turmoil) -So much Trauma, *so less mental recognist/alerting in term*.

    Ukraine is reaching out, but a mass of low-level input from Putin is keeping people wondering, 'what is more - is there more to this plot?

    Tanks that are repelled by rockets from the USA - but honestly the chances are grim, the Ukrainian PM is looking after his country, or himself? How scared is he when can not leave the country -(being designated a traitor and Ukraine falls quicker)

    Would not surrendering be less dangerous to the people, but yes that is what Russia plans - The trauma and thrill to a non-combative state - all ending with some sort of Russian implementation of a Government that is 'nicer to Russian objectives. 

    Will Russia concede to the Government? no? what chances do they have of actually beating Russia with Western world help? Shhh... But its no chance - in end Russian surplus will be more direct in-lining with and against Ukrainian forces - its a fucking death march for Ukraine. 

    But no doubt the death toll, which they exploit to the public on both sides, will be costly and is costly to Russia - will this lead to Putin's downfall? -hell no - He is safe in his space and probably considering only factors like what level of oppression with weaponry is needed to defeat West in the opposition handles. This amount of placement (satellite vision and more) determines this level of win, this outcome. It is enough to draw people into strategic overlook - so no Putin is not phased. (reductive- He would be in that state of high end objectives - people need to balance themselves, no death is worthwhile (everyone knows) )

    The west sanctions? well predictable to certain extents - and I am sure Putin will diversify his economy to not be reliant on the West. -Friends of Xi Jinping.

    It would not be a good idea to underestimate Xi -they will support Western Opposition regardless of seeming like standing not so lightly on Russia/Ukraine.  

    Constantly Zelenskyy (President of Ukraine) has to battle a formed over time non-recognist to the seriousness of the war as it goes - everyone/everything is normalised. 

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