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    Tuesday, 26 July 2016

    Children In Detention: Northern Territory : Traumatic Resistance #DonDale

    Children In Detention: Northern Territory : Traumatic Resistance #DonDale

    To act up to gain attention to how treated - an outlawish response to get noticed. Calculation will gain public notice to how treated.

    Rebellious to how treated and furthering (abuse on the teens with furthering aspectual) to control and resist control.

    To hype up oneself to defensibility of humanes - mental confinement (space to escape)

    Children should be obviously treated better than this - bound and restrained - to invoke the hardship/trauma resistance just to test the persons resolve, obediance by a forceful hand.

    It being a hellraisish' hard body response to cell's stayer, a hard body attitude usually remains with guard duty - teach a lesson your guilty just sitting hell raising - put up with your sins and your here to serve us (attitudes among guards)

    Possible calculation to gain notice (destructives on the centre)

    The inner hardship (surrounding encasement- traumatic clostraphobia) Pushing someone down while already spacially confined.

    RESISTANCE: to justification of self, the very focus on surrounds (aggravating the spatial perspective and actions forwarded)

    Resistal acceptance : the point of suffering where acceptance of nothing can do in situation comes to a level of accepting - a torment till breaking point and acceptance of /being held or routines against the persons liking.

    To complain or threaten self-harm to get treated different - survival - to act out hopelessness in attention seeking or high concern - and for this chained down among requesting - treated as a threat.

    Shocking treatment of humanes, denied flowing water and much more (reliance of offense by security)

    A sickening situation that must not be allowed to go on.

    There is a general awareness prisoners are treated shockingly - to pretend or act like its always justified or goes under the rug.

    -threatening to hurt himself a prisoner - and they shackled him down - the threatening a cry for change or justice - but the screams for help got nowhere. Hopeful of change a cry for attention - that got the individual locked up like a serious offender.

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