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UK: Popular of to Change, Difference. - | Australian News and Analysis UK: Popular of to Change, Difference. - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Friday 24 June 2016

    UK: Popular of to Change, Difference.

    A need for change; 'any change'. 

    The thrill of the change, to roll the dice, and at a personal level; the rutt stuck in is better to be effected (any change effecting, novelty of effecting vote)

    The effecting change, a bigger strength by ourselves.

    Circumstances perceived: Greece going under, France being attacked by terrorists - the need for independence to be away from.

    The distancing; of a sovereignty - the perceptive's number; to want a/the power back - to function even at a military height being of strength of England.

    Independence or change is seen as 'functional inner strength' -very much like Obama's election campaigns; 'change'; a populous known, to appeal to a majority that simply want things to be different, a view-able novelty, changing for the better is the perceptive seen.

    Regardless, Leave wins - England will now have to adapt to leaving the EU.

    8:03 am

    Friday, 24 June 2016 (GMT+1)
    Time in London, UK

    Continued: an almost minimalist excitement were conveyed - an underlying worry about what has happened even by those supporting the leave campaign - fear of change sets in a silence -

    'What do we do now ? We won it.' - a disorganized silence.

    Update: The silence of action after the referendum has left people uncertain; 'did we make right decision, have we ruined the British economy' an underlying self-guilt about voting - the thunder of silence.

    Its done now or is it -


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