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    Saturday, 4 June 2016

    Mankinds Greatest Threat: Thought/Conscious Technologies

    Thought (ticipal-height)

    Axioul-reversion (to oppressive/mentalum prescipitatory - to life surrounding, animals, bio-adaptives) a form of slavery - control;

    Thought insertion may become a constant -a dreamworld (informative superiority) and the first to use thought insertion may be the always in control - a reach of thought height - a clouding to reality- a form of direct engagement -consistent control -

    And there will be no more escape - as to think is an escape, or to use means to escape [ie: destroy the source] is only a dream- you may rid the thought-transmitter, and you celebrated a world wide greatness becoming free, but it was just a dream, another controlling axis -a layerable confine (further restriction)

    The height of thought: Example: imagine a skipping rope linking humans minds together - and not on the skipping rope, free from is the oppressor/enemy completely unknown and in control.

    Mental persecution at always - design-able life.

    Is this current day and age ? with Sy-Child reflectives being of reflective in movies we watch - is the Matrix and further a sign of mental entrapment ? - a mental prescipting net (enslavery) :
    SY-Reflesional (actuality) attributes number. SY-Actuality (the moment of recurrence from surrounds perhaps even space and timing; spacial-recurrence) 

    Thought-reversion-forwarding-awareness: control of; awareness as to reality [sy-net manipulation] a fight against may eve be won in the vision, but reality is that you could conquer the world but it never happened - pure 'block' enslavement (with no possible exit at worst scenario of a control of thought at the masses level ;divisional; )

    Is thought understanding (to influence) at a level where can be controlled ? In use by Governments ?

    A singular form of fear and alleviatory (Sytropial-synct) and is mental health the use of we see ? the impacting of ?

    Some Plauses: sectional plateau's of thought existem;directive control; barrial knowns (forced acceptance of slavery) oppressive-thought-verge (informational gains)

    With thought control you could keep someone in a box of reality - they could be fighting a war in a box but there is no war - keeping an entire country in a war where they win for example; they win the war and everything settles down - a false history timeline - there is no escape with this level of thought control -

    The very means /equipment technology you use to obtain freedom from; is not real or monitored by the oppressor - escape the impossibility on wide scale thought control. 

    Under satellite thought control - even exploring space will be fake - thought control is the end all - a form of slavery that cant be beaten - there will be no options to escape - this will happen if is not existent now. (pretense : exploring space when in reality its just a vision and the person is still on ground) the control is limitless.

    Three platforms: 
    1:) allowing of freedoms (and with ordering of control on the countries/Government) [with perhaps more control than demonstrated]
    2:) partial interference or hidden of extents (platoformal manipulation on control) and/or proof of capability (to the country) and obedience from

    3a:) sectional complete influence (reality of multi-platformed) wide controlling
    3b:)There is also the threat of capability (this may be proof/acknowledging of a strike capability of possible)

    But.. of course - we would never find out and the extents would be so bad, the country could almost admit once has thought influencing ability - a nothingness/hopelessness that 'anything could be done about this level of control.

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