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    Wednesday, 16 March 2016

    Defensibility Reversional - Adaptional Defience Afterlife (regenerasive electo-shock/fearity) Transjection.

    An attack form of instinctual reversional, to adaptive of defensive height and shock to revergenative to adaptation Genesis; adaptive after life, to come back at sharper on the attack form of subjected to in electo-defiene momentarium of the creatures fight.

    Electo-shock adaptional to living (transjectory -pathing electo-simulus) [electo-defience] Elestic-in-synchron (elecstasic-virative-sync) The momentarium of intelli-ectic shock that convults layering of nerve-siprient-defeine (a layering of translascent adaptivity of genetical makeup)
    [stimulai - ecto-reach] luminatory-cohesivinal resistant (light growth to formatory) light-eccensce, luminatory asscentil (a virational shock/resist/oppressional to faced momentarium defience furthering) entrolumnuim-connesic-vibrato (instrumentalisation of life cohesive growth) vitracem-pathing-electic (trajectional living spacic/spatial - to disruptional /attack reprieve/prevalence)
    Virational-body-in-sceminism-reactive (reactive/ecto to avoidan/protect sectial virance (objective /selecting target reversional) reversional-target defiene (ecto-learning-instinctual - to a prior) Adaptive neko-plastinicite. [membratic-amnusism] 


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