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    Wednesday 12 November 2014

    Gaps Between Poor and Rich

    Rich Poor Gaps

    Political leaders only tend to listen to rich, their circles are generally people that are doing well financially, 'leaders' social circles are generally not the poor . This creates depersonalisation issues, the knowns and references are of that level stated .

    Politicians are often aware of own reach ability in media, they would focus on this to some extent as well.

    The gap between the poor and rich is widening, it literally takes money to make money and this is apparent in things like interest made on money .

     The poor have a lower purchase rate, they also are limited with buying items in bulk, generally they have less ability to maintain standards ; quality of item, quantity etc.

    The poor are surrounded by the poor, this can create issues as people are generally reflective of their surroundings, this works for example ; a poverty stricken person influence's another person in poverty who affects the next, there is obviously levelling issues like common limit on funds, behaviour and often even things like smoking are more likely when being faced with more affecting hardships or be it restrictions or increased negative perceptions towards them .

    It is well known though often avoided those with money or stable generally either think the worst of the poor or at least pretend to not think less of them, its usually in the backs of people minds that the poor are not as trustworthy, this furthers with mental health as well who undergo some significant distrust issues .

    The poor are often seen as being in poverty that it is their own fault, that they could make better of themselves, though often they are without the resources or capability - some are just not as sharp thinking as others for instance, some have also been out of work too long or too long out of work on computers/tablets/phones etc. which can affect them negatively, for example 'social distance, social media distance - cognitive perspective, viewing angle' . The disadvantaged or poor are often also perceived with negative impression on their 'social media .

    The poor are not only affected by the poor but are susceptible to manipulative behaviours and often others influencing parts of themselves, they are generally more often the victims of crime as well .

    Often those affected by law learn distrust amplifying hate towards governing and law and some possibly 'influence' this in their social circles/friends either wholeheartedly or in parts /in-formatives .

    Intelligence, many that undergo being treated with unfairness /disrepute often alleviate themselves by convincing themselves they are more intelligent than another or even special/powerful - in lower class housing this can cause conflict - formed from a system that forms a need for height - likes on social networks - to be famous, being popular, stronger or tougher, some impacts ; grades in school, competition (sports), job titles etc. .

    Those on limited funds will often live in housing that has limited capabilities even appearance can affect their attitudes, greedy ? Perhaps . Though is really just a fight for equality which is present in many, most fight for 'a better life' to some regard . Often the poor that need housing live in 'block style /unit' housing with no garden for instance, limited luxuries forms less appreciation /less appreciation for the small things in life (normalisation effects are present in all)

    The poor are under hardship so often alleviate themselves as 'aware' of being perceived in a certain manner that is often negative, they often use drugs to alleviate hardships or alleviate previous negative experiences which affect them more so than someone with perhaps financial capabilities and work as a 'time consuming' distraction, someone working full time or near will be in more financial orientated circles so will not encounter as many negative issues .

    Sadly, the disadvantaged stay disadvantaged usually.


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